Important Message from James and Lesley: 

Four years ago, James and I left our family and friends in Ontario, with a dream to take over Bikram Yoga Garrison and teach the yoga we were taught by our teachers and possibly heal and change some lives as this yoga has changed ours forever.

Like any small business there have been many challenges and struggles along the way. We have always worked hard to keep going, not just for us but for you as well. This yoga is not just exercise for many of us. It's physical and mental therapy, it is life. For this reason we always did everything we could to keep the doors open. 

Unfortunately, it is with very heavy hearts that James and I announce that
 as of December 23rd Bikram Yoga Garrison will be closing its doors. 

To read our full letter, please click HERE to read our last newsletter. 

Bikram Yoga Garrison  (Bikram Yoga Chilliwack)
5622 Vedder Road (Across from Garrison Village)
Chilliwack BC
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"You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again" 
 - Bikram Choudhury